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Sabtu, 15 Februari 2014

Apa Kabar Resolusi Tahun Lalu? (bagian I)

I know it has been nearly two months since new year. Year 2013 has long gone, along with some resolutions I made so enthusiastically. I even wrote them in this blog, titled Biarkan Tuhan Memeluk Mimpi-mimpimu.

One of those resolutions was developing a tuberculosis laboratory in my work place. I was given this responsibility in 2012. I started from a point where WHO and Ministry of Health did not even allow us to do any lab work due to poor safety work practice, quality control and management.

I learned about doing cultures and susceptibility testing. I jumped into the lab, guiding my co-workers to work properly step by step. I got used to dealing with human sputum, pipettes, centrifuge and infection risk; and I'm still doing it until today. (Yeah it is as gross as you guys can possibly imagine, and I bet there aren't many MD willing to do "dirty work" I've been doing)

But it is quite rewarding when what you work hard for finally comes out with something good. The last time WHO and KNCV (Netherland's tuberculosis foundation) visited and asessed us, they were surprised to see our significant progress. And, ta-daaa, they finally approved us to do lab work and receive clinical samples. KNCV starts supporting our lab by funding our equipment maintenace. Ministry of Health also took us to join in the latest national tuberculosis prevalence survey.

Along with great power, comes greater responsibility. Eh, was it what Uncle Ben told Peter Parker when Peter got a spider suherhero power? :D Nevermind. I suddenly realized that this first success woudn't be the end of the journey. My responsibility soon will be bigger. While, in fact, I want to 'expand' myself to something newer, higher and further. I want my TB lab to be less dependent on me. I still owe my co-workers on how they can run the lab without too many intervention and supervision by me.

Well, I guess that has to be my 2014 resolution. Teaching my co-workers to work independently. :)

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