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Senin, 22 Oktober 2012

Long-distance Love

Dear you,

In the morning I wake up, without you holding my hand.
But it's alright, we can still share the same sun

All day long I get drowned in piles of work, without your smile to refresh my mind.
But it's alright, I can still remember its shine

When afternoon comes I walk home in vain, knowing that you won't be there.
But it's alright, I can feel you like a cloak like the atmosphere

Then night finally rules, and behind those mails, statuses & messages--I still miss you.
But it's alright, for your goodnight call is always the best lullaby 

Don't worry, love, I'm alright.
I'll be waiting because you are worth every second of it.
Just come to our front door and say this right:
"I'm home."


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