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Senin, 03 Maret 2014

Apa Kabar Resolusi Tahun Lalu? (bagian II)

Hello again... It is March already! And I am still talking about my last year's resolutions. Haha. Now I'm going to share about another resolution, the one I've apparently been making every year since my first wedding anniversary: having children.

After trying to conceive for more than three years, my husband and I finally decided to do something big. How big? We had been through long discussions together before going into this thing: In Vitro Fertilization.

Honestly, going through an IVF took much energy. We spent many hours in the hospital for queueing for a session with obgyn doctor, queueing for blood tests, queueing for the surgical procedures, and so on. I took a few weeks leave just for bedrest.

And, it was not a cheap procedure. IVF costs a lot because of its expensive medicines, laboratory works and surgery. Not to mention if a couple decides to do IVF out of their hometown or abroad--it will cost them more for accomodation and transportation. It took time for us to prepare the budget.

Eventhough we always tried to be optimistic and positive thinking, we still had to accept that IVF success probability is only around 40%. That is why, being realistic is a must. Of course we hoped for the best, but we should never forget to prepare for the worst.

Well... in my case, our first IVF failed to make me pregnant.. :( We were sad and disappointed, very much. We did envy all those newly weds who could have cute babies in just few months. But eventually we realized that drowning ourselves in disappointment would not bring us anywhere better.

What we want might not be what God has planned for us. And no matter how bad it looks, we just have to believe that it's the best. Perhaps we just have to wait a little longer, try again a little harder, and pray a little more, until the time comes for us to have our own children. Amen.

By the way, if you and your spouse have any intention to try In Vitro Fertilization, or need some information about it, you can mail me at then let's see if I can help you. :)

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